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    The New Erasmus+ App

    The new Erasmus+ app is one of the key deliverables of the European Student Card Initiative and will make a significant contribution to achieving the vision of realising the European Education Area by 2025. 

    The new Erasmus+ app will ensure that learners across Europe are able to easily access information on mobility opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ programme and support them throughout their journey abroad. 

    The first release of the new app is now available to download on your mobile phone from the Google Play and Apple App Store or online.

    New features include: 

    •step-by-step guidance through the mobility journey
    •student-centred tips and stories to support mobile students
    •student deals, services and events promoting engagement with intercultural activities and people from local communities.




    Erasmus Spirit of University of Western Macedonia!

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τηλ +30 24610 68065 & +30 24610 56265
email erasmus@uowm.gr        


Erasmus University of Western Macedonia        


University of Western Macedonia

Erasmus Office

Campus Koila / Campus ZEP

Postal Code : 50150

Kozani - Greece

Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator

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 Aikaterini Blanta



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